Intervention Access Portal










Click the context menu icon to access additional settings, such as choosing the user interface language, keyboard locale and About information.

The first screen includes the following options:

Choosing the 'Language' option will allow the user to select the interface language and keyboard locale. Selecting Keyboard Locale will allow the user to select the desired keyboard language for the session. Starting in 7.6.1 the Language and Keyboard Locale settings will be saved locally on the device for per browser.  These settings will override the Ericom Connect server-side defaults once they are configured on the end-user side. 

Selecting the "About" option will open a dialog with the version number and links to the Ericom Connect Online Guide and the website.

Upon successful login, the user is presented with a list of assigned applications and/or desktops that appear in the AccessPortal menu bar. The assigned resources might be displayed in 2 different views: List view and Grid view (to switch between them, go to the AccessPortal Menu Bar section below). 

To launch a resource, click or tap the icon.  The application and/or desktop will launch using the AccessNow HTML5 interface and the AccessPortal menu will automatically minimize to the left, displaying the active resource icon in it.

To expand the AccessPortal menu, click or tap on the menu button:

If changes are made to the user's application set, refresh the browser to see the new application set; the user may also logoff and log back into AccessPortal to see the changes. 

AccessPortal Menu Bar








The AccessPortal menu bar contains several functions.

Function Bar

The function bar includes the following options: Menu button, Search and context menu

Menu button - Minimizes and expands the AccessPortal menu bar.
AccessPortal Search - Type a string to search for a published resource. 
The resources list will automatically be filtered.  All folders will be displayed; these are not filtered by the string.
Context Menu - Press the icon to view these options:

Grid View/List View - allows the user to switch between list and grid views.
Settings - similar to the "Settings" option in the login screen, allows the user to change Language related settings, such as Language, Keyboard Locale and the additional Click Animation setting (relevant to the touch devices only)

Navigate to the previous view using the arrow on the top left, or close the context menu completely by pressing the "X" on the top right.

About - this view includes information about the current version, current user that is logged in, the server address the user is connected to and additional useful links. 

Resources Area

This area includes 3 separateed sections - Active, Favorites and All.

Active - Displays all active applications and desktop sessions.  Only visible when there are active sessions. The resource name is colored in blue for additional indication, and in grid view there's also a colored circle.
Favorites - Displays all favorite applications and desktop sessions.  Only visible when there are favorite sessions. The resource is marked with a white star.
All - Displays all available applications and/or desktops.
Each section can be expanded or collapsed.      

Available Actions

In List view, the following actions are available on an assigned resource:
Add/Remove Favorite - appears as a star icon. Allows the user to define some applications/desktops as favorites, for ease-of-use. If the user marked a resource as favorite, it automatically appears in the "Favorites" section
Close - appears as an "X" icon. Disconnects the active session and it is automatically removed from the "Active" section. 

In Grid view these actions are available via a small menu that appears upon hover over a resource icon 
Multiple Tab Usage








AccessPortal supports sessions in multiple tabs without requiring the user to login again.  If the user logs out from ANY AccessPortal tab, all the related tabs will also be logged out, this design is to maintain a high level of security.  Use one of the following methods to open AccessPortal in a new tab using the same user session: 

Browser "Duplicate" function (Chrome only).
Right click on the existing tab and select "Duplicate".  A new tab will be launched with the existing user session.

 Copy Paste the AccessPortal URL
Copy paste the AccessPortal URL (e.g. 
https://<server-address>) into a new browser tab and new AccessPortal will be launched with the existing user session. 

Multi Session Switching








If you have more then one program open at the same time you will see small icons on the left side of the screen for each one. You can switch between programs by clicking its icon:






When you request a print job it will popup in a new browser tab as a PDF file. You can either print it or save it to your computer. Please make sure that you allow all popups for the website.